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Report: Monthly comparison of each Source Type in %


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You would need to know the Service ID, which you can see in the address bar when configuring the Service itself. Once you have that information, you can add it as a condition to the report. While you can't get the percentage directly, you can get a number for all of the different types, including those without a source.

Start by creating a new report of type 'Grouped count of data'. Using the Requests entity you can then move onto the data collection tab.


Here you can specify the columns you need, in this case you just need the Source Type field.


Next is the filter tab, here you can set the date logged to be greater than '2017-01-01 00:00:00' and add the Service ID too.

On the Select Ordering tab tick the Count and Group By fields


You can then preview the data to get an idea of how many Requests were raised against each source:


Hope that helps


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@Chaz, Please see error message attached along with the setting my end.

I have made a few adjustments my end as I used the 'Team Name' - which includes IT Support & our Reprographics Team.

Not sure what is incorrect - have double checked all settings so not sure what the SQL error is relating to?


Hoping you can assist.

Source Type - Error.docx

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Hi there,

Following on from this,  I am unable to find out how many calls we log via the phone.  

The analyst source includes our calls logged over the the phone, face to face as well as calls logged by our own teams for works to be done by other colleagues within our department.

Supportworks was configured (if i remember correctly) to allow the 'call logger' to manually choose if the call was logged via face to face or via the phone etc.  Can this be configured do you know moving forward our end? - i understand that we many have to individually select this entry.


Any ideas if  I can filter for Analyst calls, to show  number of Analyst calls logged by IT Service Desk (only) - this would show me a little more of a realistic picture on calls being logged via the phone.

Not sure how to filter the report by call logged by a particular team.


Your continued support is appreciated.




Shamaila Yousaf


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