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Our Facilities Team are now using Service Manager.

What we are finding is that when we are doing a global search that as we are unable to deselect their services that their Facilities related calls appears in the Search results.  Is there the option to select/deselect the service or set our Global search under our services only?


Does something need disabling behind the scenes?  We have confidential information sent to us such as staff leavers so don't really need them to see these via the search option. 




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Normal this is controlled by the support teams linked to the service. I.e. if you are not in a team which is linked to supporting the service you should not see them.

Are they appearing as black headings in the Request List results or as blue clickable links which you can then open the request from?



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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

In Administration there is a setting under Service Manager -> Settings called webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.limitSearchToVisible.  Are you able to tell me if this is set to On or Off? I'm not 100% sure this is related, but I thought I'd start with this.  

@Martyn Houghtonis correct that this is normally controlled by the Supporting Teams configuration on the Facilities Service form.  The default is set to being empty which means that all Teams would have access or visibility of these requests.  You also need to make sure that just the teams that require access to these requests are listed under the Supporting Teams setting





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