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Linking Service Subscriptions to Contracts

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As an external support provider, we provide support to external organisations based on re-occurring maintenance contract. Each organisation has a numerous service subscriptions (10 to 15 minimum, average around 25), hence our previous post (link below) to have a organisation centric view of subscriptions.

Being in the middle of our pick annual renewal period has also highlight the need to manage service subscriptions in an even more organised manner. Would it be possible to link the current 'beta' contract element of Customer Manager to include linked service subscriptions. Then when the contract expires the subscriptions are suspended until the contract end date is either updated following renewal or a replacement contract is entered?

This would make management of service subscriptions much easier by grouping them together, where at the moment I have to go into each service individually to remove subscriptions manually, even if it is just a temporary measure whilst renewal payment is outstanding.

I would presume have the ability to suspend a service subscription, even without the linkage to contracts would be beneficial to other as well.




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