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Hiding teams from the Team Selection within requests


Hiding Teams  

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Not too long ago there was a feature introduced into the Service Manager that would allow users to be a part of a team, but not shown when the team is selected via the Assign Team / User feature in a Request.

I would like to request for this feature to also be available for "Teams" as well. I need to be able to prevent a team or 2 to be shown in the Assign Team dropdown list.

Here are my reasons:

  1. We have created a new team to replace 3 current teams. We need to prevent users from logging tickets to the "Old" teams and start logging them against the "New" one. Unfortunately even communicating this to the users, they are still doing it.
  2. We have what I call a Placeholder team. Here I put everyone in my department so I can link the Team to Boards without having to add each user or team one by one. Unfortunately this team is visible in the Assign Team area in the Request, and I need this to be hidden. As a temporary measure I have called it IMT (DO NOT USE) - this isn't very professional but it's a small workaround.

We would expect that the Team's can still have activities assigned to them, and tickets assigned to the team, but no new tickets will be assigned to it going forward.



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44 minutes ago, ArmandoDM said:

Hi @samwoo

I will check if there is any plan to introduce this feature, preventing users to assign new tickets to teams, and I will get back to you



Hi @ArmandoDM,

Many thanks i will keep an eye out for your response.


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Hi Samuel,

We do have plans to make a change to the existing feature for excluding users from assignments. At the moment there is a requirement that at least one person on a team must be available for assignment.  We plan on changing this so the all members could be excluded from assignment which in turn would then hide the team from the assignments. I believe that this would solve your two points.

I will have a look to see when we will be in a position to carry out this work.



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