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Removing customers from calls

lee mcdermott

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we have had a few instances where someone has removed a customer from the call thinking they need to remove them before adding someone new - rather than selecting change customer.


If a customer is removed it doesn't seem possible to re-add a customer to a call? 


Is it possible to add a customer if they have been removed - we just get the error below


no customer error.JPG

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@lee mcdermott I took a look at this hoping to replicate it and I couldn't. Seeing that you're a Premier Success customer, perhaps we could log this as an incident and have it investigated some more. 



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Hi Lee,

I have replicated your issue.  For some reason the ''Change Customer'' action item is having some issues as it assumes that there is already a customer associated to the requests.  An error is displayed when when it tries to remove the previous customer as the customer has already been removed.

I will make sure that development are aware of this.



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Guest Ehsan

Hi @lee mcdermott,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have identified the cause of this. The fix for this problem will be available in the next update for the Service Manager app. This should be available near the week commencing 1st May (next week).



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