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  1. @AlexTumber i have noticed that when I complete a task that is related to a milestone, the milestone is then not available for other tasks. Is this by design? Nick
  2. @AlexTumber can i add external resources to a project so such as a 3rd party that we are going to use to help us deliver it ?
  3. @AlexTumber thats fab thanks. Are you OK with me dropping any other things i find on my journey in here? Nick
  4. @AlexTumber Thanks Alex, Another comment - is it possible to increase the character size on the Project Description to more than 255 characters? Thanks Nick
  5. Should the scope changes, cost impact show up on the overview of the project?
  6. Hi There, I am putting a project plan together that has some milestone, i want to then add some tasks to those milestone. I did the first task no problem, now that i am adding a second task the milestone in not in the drop down menu Also why am i not able to change milestones / depends on Tasks after I have saved a task. Thanks Nick
  7. Hi, I have created a new user account but they are unable to login - the error message we are getting is unable to validate user credentials Thanks Nick
  8. Hi, We are starting to put key information from honrbill on to a wallboard. At present we are using the Admin account to display this which does not sit right with me for obvious reasons. Is there a wallboard licence that could be used rather than a full user account? Does anyone have any tips about what they show on the wallboards?
  9. We are also interested when this will be released
  10. @Steven Boardman I will try the utility
  11. @Steven Boardman please see attached snippets
  12. Hi, Whilst creating a new RFC process and running through some testes we created a new call that caused an error in the process. I am unable to delete this call the usual way, any other suggestions on how to purge this call? Thanks
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