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  1. Hi, I am attempting to create some reports that display requested / resolved within sla by sites for both incidents and requests with some graphs, as a way to show what each site is raising and how well the service desk are at resolving them against SLA It would be great to show this graphically Could you help please? Thanks Nick
  2. Thanks @AlexTumber i tried that but it didnt work in the report designer, i have since managed to do it using sql but would like to be able to set this up as a report for others to use.
  3. Hi, I am trying to get a list of all our suppliers out of Supplier Manager but i believe I need to make a join on the tables so i can see contact names. I cant seem to make the join between the two tables i think i need (h_supplier_suppliers and h_supplier_contacts) Could you help please? Thanks Nick
  4. @AlexTumber it would be useful to have this option but like you say it possibly wouldn't of stopped me completing the wrong task
  5. @AlexTumber ok thanks - can this be added to the development stack as it was an oversight and once there are a lot of tasks in the project it could happen again
  6. Hi @AlexTumber I have marked the wrong task as completed, i am unable to now go back and unmark it. Am i missing something? Nick
  7. @AlexTumber Hi Alex, We sometimes use 3rd parties to assist in delivering projects (EG we are developing processes in Service Manager and use one of your colleagues to help us develop it) i need to be able to add that resource into the project so that I can track costs and time etc for full viability. This is more import than physical assets. Re Tasks - Should we not be using the progress bar in tasks then to track progress, will it automatically calculate that? Once i have completed the task i have set this to 100% but it marked the milestone as complete. I have a lot of ideas and questions around this application :-)
  8. @AlexTumberhave you an update for the previous questions ? Thanks Nick
  9. @AlexTumber i have noticed that when I complete a task that is related to a milestone, the milestone is then not available for other tasks. Is this by design? Nick
  10. @AlexTumber can i add external resources to a project so such as a 3rd party that we are going to use to help us deliver it ?
  11. @AlexTumber thats fab thanks. Are you OK with me dropping any other things i find on my journey in here? Nick
  12. @AlexTumber Thanks Alex, Another comment - is it possible to increase the character size on the Project Description to more than 255 characters? Thanks Nick
  13. Should the scope changes, cost impact show up on the overview of the project?
  14. Hi There, I am putting a project plan together that has some milestone, i want to then add some tasks to those milestone. I did the first task no problem, now that i am adding a second task the milestone in not in the drop down menu Also why am i not able to change milestones / depends on Tasks after I have saved a task. Thanks Nick
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