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  1. Hi, Thanks for this I have tried but still got no results for the one I am looking for
  2. Hi, I am looking for a call within Service Manager that i resolved back in March as i have got the same issue now so wanted to look back at how it was resolved. I have tried searching for key words in the global search but nothing is shown each time. Can you advise please? Thanks Nick
  3. Hi, Is there any update on the progress of this please? I could do with getting a whole load of assets into service manager. Thanks
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth I did set it like this and logged out and back in again but still unable to see the library on the portal. Thanks Nick
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a library for our users to use from the customer portal. I have followed the wiki and using my account to test this service with I am unable to see the library from the portal. Is this due to my account having additional privileges? Thanks Nick
  6. HI, In that case until this has been released I am unable to migrate the rest of our assets into Hornbill as all of our devices have a model. Also when we migrated some across one has gone into the wrong asset class, how do we alter this please?
  7. Hi @ArmandoDM Thanks for the update will this change be applied to the other classes that dont have it? When do you think we will see this implemented? Regards Nick
  8. Hi @ArmandoDM Yes i can see that what i was asking is why its not there. Can it be added? Regards Nick
  9. Hi, Why is there no model in the network device asset class? I am currenlty importing our network devices but its stopped as it cant populate this field. Nick
  10. Hi Conor, Thanks for this - very uselful indeed
  11. Hi, We are creating some Asset reports to identify how many assets of a certain type there are. I am unable to differentiate between Desktop and Laptop as these types are in the computer class. Can you advise how we report on this please? Regards Nick
  12. Thanks i have now resolved this. Is there anywhere in Hornbill assets to enter Supplier names? Nick
  13. Hi @Steve Goldthorpe I have imported one class of assets and moved on to the next, however its not importing and i susspect its to do with this and me not understanding / having selected the correct fields :- "AssetTypes": [ { "AssetType": "Mobile", "Query": "AND e.generic = 'mobile'", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "h_name", "Entity": "AssetsMobileDevice", "EntityColumn": "h_name" } Can you advise please?
  14. Hi, Is it possile to add pick lists in the asset forms so that users have to pick from a predefined list eg In assets, financial information, the cost center field shoul be a pick list. Thanks in advance Nick
  15. @Steve Goldthorpe Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, What I am looking at to start with is what fields (headers) are required coming from SW into Hornbill, I can generate an SQL statement to bring them out but we don't hold all the required options such as Class. Would these then need to be classed within SW? We also have some custom fields within SW. Are there no examples of others exporting SW data? Thanks Nick
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