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Department Reporting

Chris Thompson

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We are having a problem with being able to add a department or organisation to our reports in Hornbill and wondered if someone can point me in the right direction. We have followed some of the like the one attached but the tables in the example do not exists and we are unsure of to which table we need to use for Department.

h_itsm_requests does not show as a table


Struggling with the reports side of things and probably just need a point in the right direction 

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Hi @Chris Thompson

I appreciate reporting can be a bit tricky when you are having to join tables to get out particular information. We will soon be introducing our "In App Reporting" which will make the creation of these kinds of reports far easier in the future because we will have templates that have already been set up for this type of thing and you simply add the criteria you require to it. 

But in the meantime, please have a look half way down this thread for some information on how to set up departmental associations to your reports:

I hope this helps and gives you a bit of a starting block to work from. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Kind Regards


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