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  1. Redirect to another page on logout

    Thank you - works perfectly
  2. Redirect to another page on logout

    Hi @trevorharris, Do you have a rough ETA when this might be available? Thanks, Darren
  3. Redirect to another page on logout

    Hi Hornbill - please could I have a response as to whether this is possible at the moment, or if it could be added in the future. Thanks, Darren
  4. Hi All, We use single sign-on to access Hornbill from our internet portal (which is how all of our users access all their web based system). Is there anyone of redirecting a user a user back to the portal when they logout? At the moment they are left at the Hornbill logout page. Many thanks, Darren
  5. Updating On-Hold Calls

    Hi @James Ainsworth, Any update on this please? Thanks, Darren
  6. Team based SLA does not seem to work

    Thanks @James Ainsworth and @Bob Dickinson, Just to confirm... Initially I tried to create two sets of SLAs ('Applications Team SLA' and 'Services Team SLA') and then link them both to the service and then built the rules based on the team so Hornbill knew which set of SLAs to use. That didn't work and no SLA was assigned to the call log at all. Then I tried setting up one SLA with all the service levels for both teams and matching the teams within the SLA (as per the method above). Glad you managed to replicate the problem and it's not just me Thanks, Darren
  7. Hi all, I'm having a problem with setting SLAs based on priority and teams - not sure if it's me or the system.... Here's what I'm trying to do... We have two teams - the services team and the applications team. We work on different types of issues and have different SLAs to resolve them. To build this functionality in Hornbill I built a corporate SLA called Incident SLA. Against this I added two SLAs - Standard (Apps) and Standard (Services) and added appropriate response and resolution times. I then created a rule called Standards (Apps) which had the following under all conditions must match Priority is standard Team is IT Applications I then created a second rule called Standard (Services) and created a similar rule but filtered on the other team. I updated the business process and added the start timers for the SLA along with an SLA update request (Automated Tasks -> Entity -> Requests -> Update Request -> Service Level). There are existing conditions which means this step only run after a priority and owner is assigned. And then I tested.... I ended up with a incident log using Incident SLA but the exact SLA hadn't been selected. After testing various bits I put another SLA on called 'Catch All' and add a rule saying 'Priority is Standard' but with no team requirement and put this rule at the bottom of the list. Tested again and my incident log now has the 'Catch All' SLA. This implies that the team that the call is assigned to is not being passed to the rules to determine which SLA should be assigned... ...or that I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Darren
  8. Thank you @sams. That has fixed the problem and all is working well Darren
  9. Thank you both, New version of the code seems to be running much better and has fully imported the files. One thing I am now noticing though is that the program doesn't exit on completion. I get the usual progress bar and then Processing Complete! displayed and then the import software appears to pause. I can exit the software manually but this may cause some problems when run as a scheduled task. Please can this be investigated? Thanks, Darren
  10. Hi all, We're having a problem using the SQL import software to import user to site mappings. Small tests seem to work but bigger files (the main file we have is around 12,000 records) crash with a memory error. Even splitting the files down so we only process a hundred records at a time can often give us the same issue. We used the same process (just using different SQL and config files) to successfully import all 12,000 users and link them to their primary site. Here's the error we are getting.... runtime stack: runtime.throw(0x877140, 0xd) C:/SPF/Go/src/runtime/panic.go:547 +0x7f runtime.(*mcache).refill(0xf10000, 0x5, 0x61c7bbd0) C:/SPF/Go/src/runtime/mcache.go:121 +0xce runtime.mallocgc.func2() C:/SPF/Go/src/runtime/malloc.go:642 +0x2b runtime.systemstack(0x11232000) C:/SPF/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:313 +0x5e runtime.mstart() C:/SPF/Go/src/runtime/proc.go:1051 We then get many thousands of lines of debug information thrown out (essentially reporting every remaining line failing) I've attached the config file we are using. Looking at the memory usage of the application it constantly grows and crashes when it hits around 1.4Gb. The PC it's running on still had 8Gb of RAM available and we get the same issue if we try it on another computer. Looking at the log file there is nothing of any use and the routine stops at the update customer line each time, here's the last snippet in case it helps... (customer specific info removed) 2017/08/17 16:21:26 [DEBUG] User ID: #100 2017/08/17 16:21:26 [DEBUG] Update Customer: #1 2017/08/17 16:21:26 [DEBUG] 2017/08/17 15:21:26 [MESSAGE] SQL Attribute for Org Lookup: ############ 2017/08/17 15:21:26 [DEBUG] Found Org in Cache ############# 2017/08/17 15:21:26 [DEBUG] User: #1 Already Added to Organisation: ############## 2017/08/17 15:21:26 [DEBUG] Processing User Profile Data #1 2017/08/17 15:21:26 [DEBUG] User Profile Update Success 2017/08/17 16:21:26 [DEBUG] User ID: #101 Fingers crossed someone can help!. Many thanks, Darren config 2 - user import to link to org structure - Copy.json