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  1. Hi, I have a new user who started last week and he cant seem to log onto hornbill, his account was first created manually, but now his account sync using AD, any suggestions on how I can fix this issue, the user is receiving the error below
  2. Yes I have setup my catalog item to point to the same progress capture and business process
  3. I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction, I have created a self-portal for the change management process, but when I log a call using the self-portal it does not give me the option to select any of the standard, emergency, major or minor it skips this part, any suggestions how I can fix this issue? When I log a call using service manager it gives me the option to select change type but when using the service portal this option does not come up.
  4. This was working fine last week as I set it up with Nadeem, after the upgrade it has stop working.
  5. Hi, I cant seem to re-open closed calls, it does not give me the option even if i have set my self as Service Manager or Service Admin Any suggestions Regards, Akash
  6. It looks like it is up and running now. I can now access the request list.
  7. Hi, We are also getting this problem and can not access any of our request. Regards, Akash
  8. Hi Victor many thanks for the information you have provided the empty folder feature works on all the other folders except our delete items folder when we try to empty the folder we get the following message error could not connect to server -1 there are 1229018 items in the deleted folder that we need to get rid of, are you able to delete them or suggest a way to do this process quickly thank you
  9. Hi, Our mailbox is running out of space on hornbill, I was wondering if there is a command we can run to clear all deleted items from the mailbox. Regards, Akash
  10. Hi, We have over 1000 emails in our mailbox deleted items, I was wondering if there is a easier way to remove all emails in one go. Regards, AKash
  11. When creating reports which table & column would departments come under.
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