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  1. Hello Paul, Agree. Looks like it gets stuck on selecting the priority. Thanks for looking up the instructions, will try them if @Victor can provide. Thanks, L
  2. Hi, We think it occurs at the first decision in the Planning and Approval stage. Thanks L
  3. Hi Paul, We have several decisions in our BPM, all are the same as shown in the capture attached. Thank you, L
  4. Hi there, We keep getting this error when trying to log a change. This is hard coded somewhere but not sure where, can you advise please? Thanks, L
  5. Hi Trevor, That's done the trick! Thank you very much. L
  6. Hi there, I deleted a document without removing it's tag. Even though the document is no longer available, it still appears in the library as an item under the same tag. Is there a way to recover the document or remove the tag? Thanks in advance, L
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