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Automating Calls

Steve Giller

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When our printing system sends an alert, the asset ID is in the subject line, along with a range of useful data (from a single item to a long list!) in the body.

I can catch the email using the REGEX_SUBSTR() function and log a request from it, but is there any way to use this or a similar function to extract the information I need either as the email comes in or within the Business Process.

For example, I want to extract the asset and link it, and for low/empty toner I need to establish which colour cartridge & how low it is and branch accordingly.



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Hi DeadMeatGF,

We do have the Email Routing Rule Templates that include an option for including an asset.  However, you would need to create a separate template for each printer.  For the other details, I assuming this would go into the description of the request.  In the BPM following a Get Info node to retrieve the info within the request, have you tried using the details followed by a decision node that checks for matching content?



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Hi @James Ainsworth

I can extract the details OK, as the email body is inserted in to the call, but I haven't used decision nodes yet, because I've not got to that stage in the process.
What I'm needing to do is to extract information to put into a timeline update (or potentially a Human Task) so the the owner doesn't have to trawl through an awkward generated email just to work out what needs doing.

With Supportworks we had the VPME node extract the Asset, Site and Location and insert them into the call, then extract (for example) the Toner that needed replacing, ignoring the 3 that were at ##%, along with a few other items and insert them as an update. We'd like to get as close to that as possible.

With approximately 200 printers having separate templates is quite an undertaking and would need regular maintenance as assets are retired and replaced. Achievable, but very easy to get wrong, or break when changes are needed.

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