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How to connect multiple id's to incident


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When we receive a notification of system outage we need to inform a number of different people under different circumstances so I'm trying to find the best way to accomplish this.

I guess I've got to collect the info during the progressive capture and then email from the business process. I've tried a number of different approaches but none of them seem viable. I think linking the basic user to the incident has the most potential providing it can link basic users as it can in the form.

But can an email be sent to multiple addressees? If so, how do you set them up?




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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi Doug,


We have a feature in Service Manager called Connections. Typically you would raise the request against the first customer who informs the Service Desk about the outage. 

Once you have saved the request, click on the connections button as per my screenshot (Screenshot 1). You can now add Impacted customers or interested customers to the request.

To inform the Impacted or Interested customers, you can now select the email button in the request and then select 'add connections'. From here you can send the Impacted or Interested customers mail either via 'to' or 'cc' and this will now notify them. Please see screenshot 2 below.

Hope that helps.


Kind regards



Screenshot 1

screenshot 1.jpg


Screenshot 2

screenshot 2.jpg

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Thanks for that. You've confirmed that my understanding of connections is correct.

However, I'd like to accomplish the same through Business Processes. I've already reported one problem in that basic users can't be selected in BP, Add Connection. Nor can I see any way of sending an email to all interested/affected users through BP.

Any suggestions?


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Hi @DougA

You could have an 'Email Contact' node to email a distribution list or similar (we use one for emailing our SMT for outages).

If you need to email multiple people not in a DL you will need multiple nodes so DL is the way forward if possible.

I have tested 'Email Contact' with my internal email as well as my own personal Gmail account and it works fine.

Obviously this will only work if the interested parties are the same for every instance of the request.

Hope that helps though


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@Dan MunnsThanks Dan but unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem for us. An outage could affect any combination of headquarters, control rooms and 50 odd fire stations each with 4 watches. I think that makes about 2400 permutations!

If the Add Connection worked for basic users I could set up 60 odd decisions to add individual users to the affected/interested connections.


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