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First Time Fix percent /Rate

Prathmesh Patel

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Hi Prathmesh,

I would be interested to know what you would class as a First Time Fix? I've come across a few different criteria and the common ones that I hear are a combination of a resolution by the original person raising the request along with it being resolved within a set time.  For example no re-assignments and resolved within X minutes.

If you have some existing data that you would like to work with for producing this report would it be possible to provide those? 




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The latest update to Service Manager (build 1483) includes a new BPM operation that allows you to capture if a request meets selected First Time Fix (FTF) criteria.  


This BPM operation should be placed within your BPM workflow at a point after the request has been resolved.   

The criteria that can be set include

  • No Team Reassignments
  • No Owner Reassignments
  • No On-hold Time
  • Max Open Time

A flag will be set against the request to indicate that it had met the First Time Fix criteria that you set.  Additional documentation can be found here under the title First Time Fix.  Reports can then be generated using this FTF flag.  We will be looking to introduce some reports that will be delivered as part of the Service Manager reporting.



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