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can you use bpm to set the status of a service


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Hi guys,


we are currently working on a process flow for recording major incidents, and im looking for a node that allows me set the status of a service to 'impacted' or 'unavailable', ideally we could also set the status text in the same node? we could then have another node to clear the status and text once the issue had been marked as resolved?


so ideally id like to log a problem against a service, mark it as a major incident by way of setting the priority to MI, id then put some login in the BPM to say that if the problem has been marked a Major incident, set the status of the service the original call was logged against to be impacted or unavailable or normal (for when its fixed)



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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Gary@ADL,

You can now achieve this through an Automated Task in a Business Process. The status of a Service that a Request is raised against, can be updated within a stage in your Business Process.

Please refer to the following details for the configuration that is required to achieve this automated option.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.38.11.png

I hope this helps.




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