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Read-Only access to a Mailbox


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We have a Mailbox that we require our Analysts to have read-only access to it. This mailbox is only managed by a certain team so they have full rights to it via the relevant role, I associated a another role to the mailbox and given everyone else no rights but they are still able to access it and send emails and do email-ly stuff with it.

How can I make this mailbox read-only to these users? They need to be able to view any emails that are assigned to a calls from this mailbox (ie. when they click on the Source in the call Details)



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This should work, as we had the opposite issue where I had locked it down to much, as the thing to be aware of is that you need rights to the mailbox to view emails attached to the request (view email option), as the source email is in fact held in the mailbox store not the request. i.e. you can see the text of the email in the timeline, but if you want to open the source email say to view the inline graphics/formatted version you have to have access to the mailbox.

These where the rights we had to give to our 2nd Teir people who need to access emails, but not full mailbox rights, if that helps.




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