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Email Template annoyance


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I have come across a slightly frustrating issue when creating email templates.

If i create a new template and copy the text from the following sources:

* Word Document
* Another Template
* Notepad
* Wordpad

I get the following error message at what appears to be randomly.
Email Error.PNG

If i do get this message, i'll have to duplicate the tab, create a new email template yet again and copy and paste the information from the problem template. This doesnt always work, there have been occassions where I have needed repeat this process more than 5 times before I am finally able to create the template.

This is the template I am having issues with at the moment in time:

I have created other emails successfully with an underscore _ at the front of the name.

Can someone advise?



EDIT: Oh and the other thing that happens is that if I do manage to click "Create" without getting that error message, but don't get an acknowledgement that the Template has been created, I will never be able to use the Template name ever again.

When this happens, the Create button is still active. So I refresh or create a new template, put the same name again and press Create... the create button is still active no matter how many times i do it.

I go into the Email Templates area and there is no template with the name that i want to use. But when I add an extra character to the template name that I want to use, the template is created and works.

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4 minutes ago, TrevorKillick said:

Hi Samuel

Are you using the Paste From Word Functionality that CKEditor provides?

Kind Regards

Trevor killick

Ah no I didn't know that existed - will hunt for that button. It's handy writing it in Word as it keeps it in the same format when I paste it in so I never really used the buttons on CKEditor.

Thanks Trevor

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