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Copy and Paste in Progressive Capture


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Working with Nadeem on site on Monday we have discovered that we cannot Copy and Paste within the Progressive Capture. I would like to request this feature to be added to the Progressive Capture area as it does for the BPM area.

Another related feature request - is it possible to allow nodes to be copied between hornbill tabs/window via Windows Clipboard? Say I have two Progressive Capture or BPM windows open for seperate things, i would like to be able to copy a node from one to the other (if possible), for example if i need the same custom form on two seperate PC's which are already built or have a task in one BPM, but need the exact same task in another.



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Hi Samuel,

Have added copy / paste to PCF.

I have also modified so you can paste nodes between tabs so long as you are still in same session i.e. in bpm/pcf list right click on a record link and do open in new tab.

I have not used the browsers/os clipboard as there is no sure way off copying and pasting from custom context menu without using flash, which we avoid using.

Assuming we have a release this week you should see this feature. Look out for release notes.


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Hello Neil,

Brilliant I will be looking forward to this feature. I will keep an eye out for the release and have a go at it.



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