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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I would like to request an additional form to allow users on the Self Service Portal as well as Service Desk users to be able to add connections via the progressive capture. This would make it easier to send emails after a call is logged based on who is in the connections list and/or what type of connection it is from within the BPM area. Thanks, Samuel.
  2. This is very odd, I wanted to make 'site' optional on a form. I'm using the standard 'Select Site' form. Easy enough, I just set 'Is Mandatory' to 'false'. However when I raised a test call it just skipped over the question, I can use the 'back' button to go back and enter a site, but should it behave like that? Cheers, Claire
  3. Hi, We have the need for the user to choose a date in the future, with the dates available to be selected in the list to be a minimum of 5 work days from now, or beyond. We have customers choosing "todays" date therefore causing issues, in particular with New Starter Requests. Can I request there be an option to set the minimum number of days after "todays" date that can be selected? And if we can have the option to use the Working Day calendar or not too that would be great. Despite having information on the Progressive Capture form, that a date needs to be set a minimum of 5 working days or beyond, users are still not complying with the rule therefore we need the option to force it on them. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi, I have this progressive capture, where customer can add attachment. But where can I translate those two strings? Only place what I found was https://admin.hornbill.com/axiell/language/translations/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ with Translation Key: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.attachment.uploadDocument and Translation Key: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.attachment.orDragAndDrop But still my pCapture and Customer Portal site are in English. Regards, @MikaP
  5. Hi All, Please can anyone advise if they have come across the following. So we have it setup that the routing rules auto log emails to tickets for us. This seems to work well with one exception where i can't see any attachments that were appended to the original email. In the old Support works platform we could see them in the call diary attachments. Any advise on how to over come this without impacting our users by us keep asking for the original email again.
  6. Hello, We would like to request the introduction of a relationship between start and end dates added in ProCap. For example, our Change process requests the "Planned Start Date" and "Planned End Date" however there is no relationship between the two so it's easy for the Requester to set the End Date to a date which appears in the calendar before the Start Date (see attached). This is not limited to our Change process - the functionality would be applied to other Captures. Regards, Jamie
  7. Morning all, Quick question, when we log a call we ask the user for the building they work in, their phone number and room number. If that same user calls back another day about a different issue we have to ask it all over again as it is not auto populated. Is there a way for the information to be saved against the user permanently without having to go into their profile and manually put it in? Many thanks Hayley
  8. Is it possible to allow a customer to upload and attach a file when completing a progressive capture within the self service portal?
  9. We have an existing progressive capture which has not been updated for several months, which is valid, active and operational. When I make a copy of this to test some proposed changes, but make no change at all and attempt to save/activate it reports an error referencing an issue with the Sortby function on a dynamic drop down field. I suspect the issue has been introduced by the enhancement for the sort order on dynamic drop down list using simple lists as the source. I have quite a lot of custom forms in the PC, so is it a matter of just opening up each node to refresh it or do I need to go into each dynamic drop down field to set/reset a sort order to resolve this issue? When I go into a field the sort order is displayed, but I presume this is just defaulting in the UI and the underlying value prior to going into the form is empty so the PC will not pass validation until it is populated. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hello, I would like to request the ability to be able to define groups in the Progressive Capture and Business Process Management area. A bit like the "Views" in the "Request List" I would like to be able to define groups based on my criteria, and to have the ability to share it to other administration users. Samuel
  11. Hello, Working with Nadeem on site on Monday we have discovered that we cannot Copy and Paste within the Progressive Capture. I would like to request this feature to be added to the Progressive Capture area as it does for the BPM area. Another related feature request - is it possible to allow nodes to be copied between hornbill tabs/window via Windows Clipboard? Say I have two Progressive Capture or BPM windows open for seperate things, i would like to be able to copy a node from one to the other (if possible), for example if i need the same custom form on two seperate PC's which are already built or have a task in one BPM, but need the exact same task in another. Thanks, Samuel
  12. Hello, Can I request to have the ordering of BPM's and Progressive Captures based on the Active/Non-Active status column? Thanks, Samuel
  13. Hello, i'm trying to use a branch to detect whether or not an answer is empty. The Custom Expression below doesn't progress properly if you press "Next" when leaving the question blank: The only way to get it working is if you click in the field, insert a space then delete it... when you press next it detects it to be empty and progresses to the next set of forms. Otherwise just pressing next without adding the space in the first place will send it through the "No Match" direction which is not what we want. Could we have the following conditions added to the Custom Expressions (which ignores any input from the user in the third field) Question Answer IS NULL Question Answer IS NOT NULL Thanks, Samuel
  14. Good afternoon, We were wondering if anyone can share any helpful tips and/or best practices on how to avoid incoming calls not being assigned to a team. Looking in the progressive capture area for New Requests, there is a node that can be added just before the end of the capture that will allow Analyst and Team assignment, but what we need is a mandatory field to capture Team assignment only. Has anyone done this? Many thanks, Samuel.
  15. There are a number of custom fields available in the request entity to allow the storage of values within the entity itself rather than using the Response Question child table, which means they have a fixed reference and are available in the email variables etc. There does no appear to be a Progressive Capture Node available for you to produce a form to populate these or specify an appropriate prompt. Is there an existing change for this planned? Cheers Martyn
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