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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to get some analytics out in real-time for a dashboard display - im trying to do a ticker to count any ticket logged today. I'd also like to incorporate a sort by analyst as well, but thought id start simple.

Im struggling to work out though how I get the measure to to update more frequently than once a day? i.e. give me a real time display, so i'l want a dashboard that shows total calls logged today, current active calls per analyst, calls resolved per day per analyst etc, but if this is displaying only the results up until yesterday, this isn't much good for a real-time slideshow.


am I missing a trick or piece of functionality here? as you can see in the screenshot, the analytics only captures upto 00:59 this morning.


please see attached for how ive setup my 'measure'










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Hi Gary,

This is where a "List of Counters" widget can help you. This type of widget doesn't use measures so you don't need to set one up. It uses a SQL query and you can use standard SQL functions within there to add date criteria. Also as this is a point in time query, it will run on the real time date. 

For example - I have created this widget based on your post above:



To do this, in the "Advanced Analytics" module in Service Manager, I created a new widget type called "List Of Counters".
Next I need to add the name of the counter and an icon. To do this, I click the Widget Settings Button and complete the details as follows:



Once complete, I click the edit button to open up the source details. This opens a box where you can add the criteria of what you are counting and where from, so using the h_itsm_request table information available on our wiki here  I added the following:


As you can see, I used the operator curdate() to get the current date - and various other date functions can be used if necessary as well.

After applying the Changes, I used the "General Look and Feel" button to add the colours, and finally on the "General Settings" button I set the refresh rate - so it shows you how long it will take for the widget to auto refresh:


Once complete, I save my widget and its now available to display on a dashboard. 

I hope this helps - for further reading on widgets, our wiki page is here

Kind Regards




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