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Bulk resolve calls


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I know we have discussed this previously, but I would like to see the ability of being able resolve multiple tickets (rather than one by one). I understand this could cause problems if you have workflow/tasks against them which are open, but for the majority I think being able to bulk resolve tickets is a very useful feature to have (e.g. after a server problem).

Happy to see it as an optional config, or a warning saying be aware of open tasks before using

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Hi Nasim,

Thanks for your post on the topic of Bulk resolve calls.  The original discussion can be found here.  I just wanted to let you know that I haven't lost sight of this first discussion and I'm still considering options to implement additional actions when you select multiple requests.  We have so many great ideas and requests for features in the forums and we will continue to provide solutions into the products.  You are right to post again to bring it to our attention, and I just wanted to assure you that your original post was still being looked at. 

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