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BPM Service Request Error


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Hi All - can anyone advise re the error below on our Service Request BPM? Have logged quite a few calls under this service and then tried to deal with them as an analyst, the error appears as soon as I change the priority and the process moves on to the approval stage. Sorry for the lack of detail in the attached, that's all it displays!

I think that I have all of the rights required to deal with Service requests.


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Hi Derek,

Even if its a partial error it looks like its trying to assign a Task to a user that doesn't exist (my best guess from experience).. double check the Task node within the BPM process at the point of priority change and see what it's doing.

Hope this gives you something to start with.



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Hi Derek,

Thanks for your post. Samuel is indeed correct and the task is failing to create because the user specified in either the Assignee or Owner fields of the node properties does not exist.

Alternatively, If you are using a variable (perhaps "Owner (for Tasks)") to set the task assignee I would check that the request does have an owner when you reach that point in your process.
I typically advise that if you are relying on this variable for task assignment at any point in your process , ensure that you have a "Suspend - Wait for Request Owner" node configured close to the beginning of your process, this will then pause the process until an analyst has taken responsibility of the request and only then can the workflow progress.

The other cause that I can think of is if it's an authorisation task, and you are using the OOB EXAMPLE Change Process, then this will have the "Customer Manager" variable set as an authoriser and it is likely that there isn't a manager specified against each of your Users.

Hope that helps,


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