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Achievements in Service Manager is a great feature and the team really appreciate receiving them.


I was thinking we could build on this and introduce further Gamification as it's a powerful tool for motivating better performance, driving results, and generating a friendly competitive environment. 


How about a new concept where analysts receive a score/achievement/badge based on their performance over a day/week/month.  The score could be a combination of activities like resolving Incidents, problems and changes with different weighting on priority.  Plus any other activity like contributing towards workspaces, sharing information, liking, following and even updating requests plus active time in Service Manager etch etch


Just an idea.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your post.  I completely agree with you.  When the achievements were first introduced is was always in the plans that we would extend this out to provide some automation in the assignment of these achievements.

I'll see if I can find out some more about the plans for introducing this.


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Hello @Adam Haylock and @James Ainsworth.

I'd like to bump this thread, as I totally agree with you, that automating the awards based on configurable criteria is the way to go.

Ideas for gamification:
- it must still be an optional thing, not all customers/environments would embrace the idea
- should be available for ESM app as well as for collaboration
- optional for users in their settings to hide or show badges
- agent badges: calls handled, requests fulfilled, problems resolved etc. Special badges for e.g. closing a ticket during Christmas hollidays? filling in at least one blank field in x number of Configuration Items: "CI Janitor"..?
- the criteria should provide the possibility to add levels to make it last: give badges for 1 (n00b), 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, etc.. or make the badges level up every 25 times. E.g. "Answering machine (level 3)".
- info about badges where the badges you have not acheived are shown, but greyd out... to make you want to hunt them. The info-page could have some sort of progressbar and maybe some leaderboards

Looking forward to any discussion and news on this topic.


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Hello Henrik,

Thanks for your post. It is great to hear about your interest and your ideas for Gamification.  I agree completely.  We do have that start of a feature for manually awarding badges.  It would be great to take it to the next level and look at automating this and providing leader boards.

Please keep the discussion going.  I'm also interested to hear from other customers if they would like to see this in Hornbill.



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