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Replying to emails from more actions does not show in timeline


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I have noticed that a number of people use th  drop down > more actions to view an email from the timeline and then in that window click reply as this gives them the functionality  to format text, underline etc etc, which is perfect. The issue is the email that is sent is not in the timeline, so we have no proof the email has been sent to the user. I guess its because it uses the system mailbox to send?





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Hi Chris,

You are correct that once you use the More actions to view the email it is using the system email forms and there isn't currently a link between this action and the request.  In the past, when viewing the email from the More actions menu, it did not use the system email form and had a read-only version of the email partly because of this reason of not being able to keep the history of the reply or forward.  By request we did implement the system email form to provide the reply and forward features, but we still need a way to close this gap to capture the reply or forward in the timeline.  

I'll raise with development to investigate.



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Has there been any developments with this? Our analysts are frustrated that there is no proof of them replying to a message added to the timeline. The only way this gets added is if the customer happens to reply with the history included.

Any update would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Lucy

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