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Posting to timeline

Ralf Peters

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Hi Ralf

Thanks for the post.

Could I clarify if you are looking for these type of automated actions to be added to the timeline? or the option to set them not to append the timeline?

Although the configurable option is not there, creating a task through a human task and adding a request member BPM operations do automatically write to the timeline as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 19.41.30.png






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Hi Steve,

thanks for the reply , i  would like to be able to choose NOT to show them on the timeline or at least to hide them from the customer .

i know i can change visibility of task after they have been added to the timeline but that is not really feasible .







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Hi @Ralf Peters

Just a little update on this post. 

We have added in some additional options to manage both the visibility level of some BPM automated actions, and also give you the option to either post using the system defined text for each update, or to replace the text with text of your preference.

This will allow you to stop some automated BPM actions from being visible to customers on the portals, or provide more appropriate text if you want them to be visible.  

These options are not extended to Human tasks as yet, but are available against the majority of the Automated Task options as defined below.  

The new options exist on the following BPM operations

Automated Task > Entity > Requests 

* All Assignment options

* Email Notification options

* Authorisation Decision

* Linked Requests

* All Update Requests options

By way of an example you can see below on the Email Contact options, this can now be marked as customer, manager, owner etc in terms of visibility, and also the option to use System Timeline Update or Manual Timeline Update (set to manual and define the text to appear).

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 21.11.49.png

As we expand these to other BPM options we will update the forum

I hope this is of some use




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