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Email templates - owner vs last updated by


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We have setup a number of email templates to use with our incidents. This is so customers get the full contact details of the analyst when they send emails or updates from the ticket. This works fine if the analyst is the owner of the ticket, I'm using the following fields:

{{owner.H_first_name}} {{owner.H_last_name}}


Issue I get is when an analyst is not the owner and sends an email/update - as they are not the owner they fields names are displayed in the resulting email (rather than the actual updater).

I'm looking for a field such as "last updated by" which would solve my problem. Does this option exist (I haven't been able to find one that covers this)?

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Guest Chaz

Hi Nasim,

We don't currently have a concept of including details about person making updates as that information currently has to be stored somewhere first. The last updated by makes sense to me, my only concern is that the 'system' can update a request which may or may not be useful to the customer to know?

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If the system updates the ticket that is fine, what I see missing is when someone updates the ticket (without being an owner). The customer would never know who did it.

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Hi @nasimg

I just wanted to come back to this older post to hopefully conclude the requirement.  There are now options to include Session information into your email templates.  For your example in the original post if you have the Session User's Name this will substitute in the user's name that is sending the email rather than having to use the owner of the request.




Let us know if this helps.



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