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Searching for older tickets


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I am been quoted reference numbers by staff and when I run a search for them under 'Requests' some of them do not find anything. For example a customer has just asked what is going on with SRO1147 but when I run a search, nothing comes up.

Is there a reason I cannot see every ticket? I understand I am an admin and in my role I need to be able to keep a track of all tickets that are entered in to the system.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Guest Chaz

Hi Andy,

just wondering where you're performing this search, are you using the global search or the quick filter on the request list?

It might be worth trying a global search with a wildcard like so: SR*1147 and see if that helps?

We also have a keyboard shortcut that should take you directly to the request (if you're allowed to see it). Just hit CTRL+SHIFT+F and enter the request ID.

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