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Empty dashboard list when using the new admin UI


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Looking at my Dashboard through the new Admin UI, only few of my reports are showing up.

Can you please confirm whether or not all my reports will be exported once the new version is going live.

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Please see attached.

Please note however, it would seem today the Dashboard on New Admin is now totally empty anyway... Same with Report (BETA) and Widgets.




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Hi Stephanie

In Admin 1 the permissions on dashboard visibility were incorrectly ignored, this was / is fixed in admin 2 so now you only see Dashboards either you created or have been shared with you. I can see from the list most of these were created by admin, so the admin needs to login and shared the dashboards with you and anyone else that needs access to them.

The following wiki pages has information on Granting Access to Dashboard.


The list of Dashboards is completely empty as you are looking at Collaboration Application as shown in the breadcrumbs, you need to go to Home -> Service Manager -> Advanced Analytics .

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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