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Separate progressive captures in the latest SM update


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Does the latest update allow you to separate Progressive Captures? We currently have one progressive capture for all our self service services (Incident, service request, new starter request etc.)

Since the update, whatever service is selected defaults to our new starter request form. I'm just wondering is this now because we're able to do specific progressive captures for specific services?

Hope that makes sense.



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Hi Ben,

The Service Manager 2.22.x update has a feature called Request Catalogs. This allows you to configure the use of more than one Progressive Capture per service or share a single progressive capture between multiple Services. Prior to the 2.22 update you could only configure a single progressive capture for all services from the portals. The update would have taken the name of the progressive capture that you configured in your settings as your default progressive capture.

Information and a link to a video describing how to set up and use the Request Catalogs can be seen here. Let us know if this helps with setting up your progressive capture scripts or if you have any questions.



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