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Creating knowledgebase articles


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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your post. The approach for knowledge may depend on the types of articles that you are looking to create. For detailed knowledge you may desire a full document such as PDF. These documents can be added or created using Document Manager. In Document Manager you can create different Knowledge Libraries and share these with the appropriate staff. You can then add documents to these libraries and include search tags and then easily search for this using the Global Search option.

The Workspaces are a great way to capture smaller snippets of knowledge. If you create some workspaces that have a focus on a particular topics, as the discussions build in the workspaces, your knowledge will also build. Again, you can search the workspaces for knowledge using the Global Search.

Both the Global Search and the filters on the Request List also lets you search for information within existing Requests that may also act as knowledge.



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Hi Ben,

Document Manager is a separate app that you would need to install. This app is currently free for existing customers and under our 'Priced for life' policy, existing customers will be protected if it does become a chargeable app in the future.

Document Manager is a fantastic app. I'm sure that you will quickly see that this extends way beyond just being a place for knowledge documents. It is also great on the mobile app for accessing your documents on the go.

Have a look at some of our videos that describe some of the features of Document Manager.

Creating and Editing Documents in Document Manager

Document Manager Collections

Mobile Documents

Creating Document Libraries

Uploading, Sharing, and Publishing Documents

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We are using workspaces for internal Knowledge capture, however we our primary customer base, what are the plans regarding external knowledge base facilities accessible via the Customer Portal, where more detailed information or documents are requried rather than the a simple FAQ?



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