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Identifying Category ID for use in Pro Cap Decision Expression


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I am trying to build some Progressive capture flows and want to Branch from the Request Category selected. Is there anywhere to find out the CategoryIds for the Expression Builder


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Hi Kelvin,

thanks for your post.

It's possible to identify the ID's by looking at the database. All the Request/Closure categories are held in a table called h_sys_profiles.

Hornbill Administration has a feature called Database Direct which can be used to query the various Hornbill tables. Database Direct is found in the context of Instance Configuration > Data > Database Direct but will only be visible when two conditions are met:

1) You must be logged in with the "Admin" user account.

2) The system setting "security.database.allowSqlQueryOperation" must be set to "On"

If the new menu item is not immediately available after switching On the allow query setting, it may be necessary to log out of Hornbill Administration, close and open your browser, and log in again.

I hope that helps,


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