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Right API to simulate a customer update

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I was wondering which might be the right API to call to simulate a customer update, the idea is we have a service managed by a team, the customer is for real an automated user, which collects from an external system an error log and open a ticket or update a ticket whit the relevant data from the external log.
all is fin except that I'm unable to post an update on the timeline as customer, the idea is to get the onhold request automatically off the on-hold status (matching the substatus rule)

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4 hours ago, Giuseppe Iannacone said:

I'm unable to post an update on the timeline as customer

I very much doubt there will be a setting/API to say "This is the Customer" as that will be evident from the session context matching the Customer of the Request.

Are you asking because you've posted an update (in which case, what did you use?) and the Workflow did not move on?

I'm not sure what the correct one would be, but if it's the one I'm thinking of this is not publicly available.

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