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Link to Assets section available to customer


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Is there something I can change for basic users on the asset form? as I am getting quite a lot of feedback that basic users are clicking the actual asset opposed to the 'link' button and naturally it says they don't have permission to see the asset record



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Hi - When any ticket is logged via our customer portal, it hands over to a standard capture which asks for some general information (contact details, supporting attachments, affected asset)

The following node is used to gather Asset information. This is not mandatory, as not every ticket relates to a laptop for example.




It displays to the customer as follows:



As the selector defaults to My Assets, it usually shows the current device they are using. All they have to do (if they want to) is click the Link button on the right.

As the device name shows as a hyperlink, some customers have been clicking this instead of the Link button. For myself, if I click it it takes me to the Assets section within Service Manager which is not a problem.

However our customers are Basic users, so instead get taken to this page:



Not realising their mistake, they're then calling the Service Desk to complain the portal is not working.


What options do we have here? 

1) Is it possible to remove the hyperlink?

2) is it possible to grant basic users READ ONLY access to the Assets section? (so they won't get this error at least)

3) Something else I haven't considered?



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