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"automatically" creating multiple tickets depending on number selected from IC


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Unsure if I'm asking for something that isn't possible.

But if a user selects a number within a question could something be in the business process be create to duplicate the ticket?

example - if a user has 6 new computers arrive that need setting up/building, we would ask them to raise 6 separate calls...I would like to make it easier for the customer that they could just raise one call, detail there is 6 new pcs from a question and the BPM raise 6 calls for actioning.  Is this possible?  

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There is no concept of "counting" in a Workflow, this would be most easily achieved by the Analyst using the "Copy Request" option, or with a Custom Button that duplicates the existing request from its details.

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You could build your own 'repeating' workflow for this so the first Request the user logs would 'spawn' additional requests.

  1. ICF captures first device in field_1 and then it presents option to enter a second device (field_2) and so on up to the limit you would allow in one ticket
  2. Workflow is configured to spawn a build ticket for the details from field_1 and then decide if if field_2 is populated; and if so to spawn another ticket for action
  3. Repeat the above for the same number of these iterations in your workflow as you have options to enter multiple devices in the ICF

The end result is one ICF spawns as many build requests as you want to provide for. Just tell the users the limit in one ticket.

You could have this Workflow as stand-alone (so that Request always closes once it's spawned the required number of build tickets) or have it act as the 'parent', collecting and feeding-back the build outcomes from the 'silent child' tickets it spawned

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