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Update Service/Catalog Items for Tickets that have already been raised

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I updated our workflows for Problem Management - Problems and Known Errors but i did not add a node to set the Service and Catalog item. 

I have fixed this now for new tickets but does anyone know a way to update these in the tickets that have already been raised? 

I cannot see a way to update this via the API. 


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If you cannot do this via the API, I have a "data fix" autotask I regularly use that is triggered from a custom button and only available to us admins. One of the nodes in that autotask I can switch on is the ChangeService one Martyn mentions (the most common one I use is custom fields update). If I have multiple requests to fix I find a Request list view with all the 'offending' Requests, open them all in tabs and just execute the custom button against each.

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