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Email Purge expectations vs reality

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I viewed this: Managing Instance Storage Usage - Hornbill which said this: "Any messages which are older than the purge thresholds specified in the settings will be permanently deleted from these folders. The settings can be found in Hornbill Administration > System > Settings > Advanced and are called emails.purgeDeletedItemsAfter and emails.purgeSentItemsAfter."

I set "emails.purgeSentItemsAfter" from 240 to 6 over 24 hours ago and we still have 367,000 emails dating back 3 years when, "The background job responsible for the purge on these folders runs several times a day".


We have other folders (i.e. not Deleted or Sent) where we store emails after rules have been applied such as "Success updated ticket" and Failed to update ticket" and about 20 more relating to other rules. Are there settings to purge these also? How might we ensure that these don't need manual effort to maintain all these in 3 years when they, too, get to 370,000...

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@Berto2002 For the first query, the delete is processed throughout the day, but it will not remove all the messages in one go. Are you seeing the count drop at all? It should be processing approximately 1,000 every hour.

For the second query, we do not automatically delete any emails not in Deleted or Sent Items, regardless of their age.

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FIRST. It has indeed dropped to 364,000 so I suspect yesterday it was higher and I didn't pay enough attention to the actual number to notice a few 1000 off. I will monitor, thanks.

SECOND. Ah, this is potentially not good since that means we have no purge options? With only 20 emails showing on the screen at once for "select all" that means we are in trouble for the future in terms of email volumes/control in all other folders.

I feel an enhancement suggestion coming here; unless you already have one?

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