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  1. @Adam TomsAdam Wanted to follow up on this - are you back up and running now, or do we need to do some more diagnostics? Graham
  2. @Adam TomsAll done and ready for you. It's a 10.3MB zip.
  3. @Adam Toms It's building even as I type... Will I be able to e-mail it to you, or will your front-end scanners strip off any executable attachments? Graham
  4. @Adam Toms I'm certain that these are two separate issues, so a file rename and a service restart would be a very useful diagnostic. We're currently preparing a patch for your SIS service executable. Graham
  5. @Adam Toms That's the right place... Very strange. The service writes to that log on startup, even if it can't talk to Hornbill at all, so there's something very odd going on there. However, let's get it processing jobs first. It looks like it's a problem our end, and not something that can easily be corrected by changing a setting on your end, and we're working on a resolution now. Graham
  6. @Adam TomsAdam I might have managed to replicate the issue here, but even so, you should still be getting log entries, if it's the problem I think it is, so we might have two problems. What directory are you looking in for the log files? Graham
  7. @Adam Toms Adam You and me both! Are you still not getting anything in the log file, even after a reboot? Graham
  8. @AndyGilly This may be due a configuration change in the Hornbill cloud. Can you look at the last few lines of the file C:\ProgramData\Hornbill\Site Integration Server\log\EspSisService.log? Do you have any lines that start, after the timestamp: [ERROR]:[COMMS] and if so, what does the rest of that line say? Graham
  9. @AndyGilly Andy, The sisRunJob API is what you need: https://api.hornbill.com/docs/automation/?op=sisRunJob Graham
  10. @AndyGilly I think I see what's happened here. We've made some architectural changes to the update processing, and currently your out of date SIS service is now unable to communicate with the Hornbill back-end successfully in order to update itself. The best way to resolve this is to download the latest SIS service (the download button is on the same page as your screenshot), and install that. If you manually stop the EspSisService, and then delete the contents of C:\Program Files\Hornbill\Site Integration Server, that will allow a fresh install to proceed. Once that's done, if you th
  11. @AndyGillyThe ITOM service should be auto-updating. Can you post a screenshot of where you're seeing the outdated build number? Build 3345 is the latest live release. Graham
  12. @AndyGilly Something's clearly gone wrong there! We'll take a look at that for you this morning. Graham
  13. @AndyHill Andrew, I've just run a quick test here to be sure and yes, that has now been fixed.If it still doesn't work, then there's something else weird going on!
  14. Guiseppe Thanks for bring this to our attention. We've now managed to replicate this issue in our development environment, and are looking at a solution now. I would expect a fix to be included in the next scheduled release. Best regards Graham
  15. @AndyHill Andy, We've now identified the problem, and the fix is undergoing internal testing. I would expect this to be included in the next release. Graham
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