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Widget to Count New Emails

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I would like to create a new widget to count the number of emails we have in our Inbox folder.

I've tried to follow the post below, however, this has not worked as I'm not sure which column name to use:

I'm using a Widget > List of Counters with the attached query.

Can you please advise where I'm going wrong here?

Kind regards,


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You need to tell it what to 'count' at first glance, the (on column name) check the table for something like message id or primary ID and count on that

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Hi @aykut.boyraz,

From what I can see in your screenshot, you are missing the On column name field.

Try using: h_msg_id

Each message has a unique ID number, so you basically want a count of all these unique ID's in a specific folder

Hopefully that helps,


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Oh i'm too slow - having been struggling with internet issues and didn't notice a response was already posted lol

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