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  1. Thank you @Victor, My concern is around the workspace/workflows - having a large library of these, whom most of which have been created by the leaving member of the team; what would happen to the Workflows that this person owned and have not been reassigned? Would they stop working? As we are an external facing service, we don't want to make any changes that may impact the live service.
  2. Hi, We have recently had a leaver in our team and we are in the process of removing him from all systems. This being the case, we wanted to demote the user to a Basic user in Hornbill before removing his account completely. When I go to demote this user, I am given a warning to inform me that we will lose all personal items with the account. Before I take an action that can't be undone, I wanted to understand what this would remove. This user was involved in creating most of the workflows within Hornbill therefore would not want to lose anything.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to export the whole Hornbill document library in one export or do you have to download each document individually? Thanks Aykut
  4. Hi @David Hall Thank you for the information. I will go ahead and see what I can put together with the information you've kindly provided. Regards Aykut
  5. Hi, We are a ServiceDesk team working with a number of smaller "resolver" teams who are responsible for different systems. We would like to know if it is possible to be able to configure alerts where the owner of the ticket is alerted when the SLA timer reaches 30%. And another alert is sent out at 80% to our ServiceDesk team in order to chase the owner of that ticket. Not sure if i've explained it well enough but we're very precious around SLAs and we would like to be made aware where and when SLAs are being breached. Regards Aykut
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman, I have not heard back from anyone regarding the grey background issue on bulletin images. Any chance we can get someone to look at this again? Regards Aykut
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman, Thank you for your response. Bulletins have only been activated for the Service portal thus far; therefore the issues we are raising are directly with the Service portal. 1. We've checked this on numerous systems with different browsers to disregard it being a system/browser issue but it hasn't resolved the issue unfortunately. 2. Thank you. 3. That's a shame; can this be put on the list as an enhancement request? 4. Thank you for that, I will do some testing and see what I can come up with. Regards Aykut
  8. Good morning, We have recently started testing the use of bulletins for our customer portal but have had some questions/issues with some of the configurations we've wanted to use. 1. Why is the images on the banner greyed out? - we are trying to design our portal so it has a consistent look and feel. Since we've started using bulletins, the banner images are greyed out and doesn't look right with the rest of the page. I can't see how this adds any value at all. I would understand if it was only the right and left ends of the image to highlight the manual arrows, however, this just messes up the look. Is there a way to change this? 2. Shadows on Texts - For some reason the text displayed on the bulletins have shadows applied to them even though this was configured to be turned off. We've tried a number of things but was not able to remove it: 3. Banner roll/switch timing - How can we control how quickly the banner images roll/switch? We have been asked to change the speed but cannot find the configuration to do so. 4. Text formatting - Is there any other wiki markup guides besides https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup? We are not very experience with wiki markups and this page hasn't been much help so far; ie can we specify other colours than red / can we use a colour codes to make it the exact same colour as other texts on the page etc? Looking forward to a reply on this. Regards Aykut @David Longley
  9. Thank you very much @Conor; we have little SQL knowledge on this side unfortunately; but always happy to ask Mr. Google That definitely has helped block the domain; however off the back of this, how can we have it so the email we wish to reject, stays in the original mailbox in Outlook rather than be sent to mailbox within Hornbill where it currently would sit (once rejected)?
  10. Hi, So we are looking at configuring the Hornbill mailbox to auto-log tickets when an email is sent in. As this will be turned on for all emails coming in, we would like to be able to block/blacklist particular domain addresses so they would be actioned as emails and not auto-logged as tickets. Is there a configuration that can be done within Hornbill to achieve this? Regards Aykut
  11. Good morning, So we are currently in the process of creating an external facing customer portal that will be categorised based on the software the customer is seeking support on. As it stands, we are having to use very generic icons that have no relevance to the category. I believe it will be a massive value added if we were able to upload our own icons; as it will make it clearer for the end user. Currently we are able to add icons to our organisations sections which helps massively (see below); as this is the case, can we not replicate this for the category icons also? [ADMIN EDIT: Image Removed] Thank you and kind regards Aykut
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