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  1. @Steven Boardman dude you're a star! Totally appreciate your support! I have scheduled some time in this afternoon to look at this. Once i've had a go, I'll let you know how it's gone. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your quick response @Steven Boardman, I unfortunately don't fully understand how to do the first two steps of your advice: "* Use update request > Custom Fields - use the variable picker to inject the value from the task custom field * Do a request get info" Is there anything i can read up on that can help me understand and configured this correctly? On the second point, I do believe we have the the iBridge Module, but at this stage, I don't think we want to spend too much effort setting this up - as we do not know when this will go live at thi
  3. Hello, We have an incident process which is set to pass on the ticket information to another Service Desk team at another company. Upon receiving the email from Hornbill, their system is set to auto-generate a new ticket and email back their new ticket reference. As we currently do not have an API connection between the two systems, we've created a manual tasks for our analysts to manually capture the this new reference and add it to our Hornbill ticket. What I would like to be able to do is to then use this reference number to add to the end of our email subject line for
  4. Hi @Simon Sharkey, Thank you for that! That definitely gives us a new option to explore. Although the primary Service Desk team have auto-routing rules to manage their Hornbill generated emails in Outlook, the wider team who've asked for visibility of all tickets were overwhelmed when the notifications were turned on for them. The advice given by @Steven Boardman does make sense and once i've had a chance to fully test, I will hopefully be able to confirm. Regards, Aykut
  5. Hi and I appreciate the advice @Steven Boardman, It definitely makes sense but I have not had the opportunity to fully test this, once I have, I will let you know. Regards, Aykut
  6. Good morning, I had an enquiry around the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting which we've asked to be turned on from day one to ensure the whole team is notified when a ticket is assigned to a Team. Recently, we have been asked to make these teams available to other team members in order to enable ticket visibility across the whole system. Doing this however has caused these users to received a large number of emails. With this being the case, we have reverted the change and taken these users out of these teams until we understand how to correctly configure th
  7. Hi, I wanted to understand if it was possible to have a node within a BPM that can change the BPM according to things like for example the priority. To give an example of what i'm trying to achieve; we have a Major Incident BPM that we would like triggered if a ticket is priorities as a P1 or P2: So if the ticket is prioritised as a P1 or P2, the flow will go down the Major Incident route and change the flow to the Major Incident BPM. This way, one generic Major Incident BPM could be used across all services. Feel free to
  8. Thank you @Victor, My concern is around the workspace/workflows - having a large library of these, whom most of which have been created by the leaving member of the team; what would happen to the Workflows that this person owned and have not been reassigned? Would they stop working? As we are an external facing service, we don't want to make any changes that may impact the live service.
  9. Hi, We have recently had a leaver in our team and we are in the process of removing him from all systems. This being the case, we wanted to demote the user to a Basic user in Hornbill before removing his account completely. When I go to demote this user, I am given a warning to inform me that we will lose all personal items with the account. Before I take an action that can't be undone, I wanted to understand what this would remove. This user was involved in creating most of the workflows within Hornbill therefore would not want to lose anything.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to export the whole Hornbill document library in one export or do you have to download each document individually? Thanks Aykut
  11. Hi @David Hall Thank you for the information. I will go ahead and see what I can put together with the information you've kindly provided. Regards Aykut
  12. Hi, We are a ServiceDesk team working with a number of smaller "resolver" teams who are responsible for different systems. We would like to know if it is possible to be able to configure alerts where the owner of the ticket is alerted when the SLA timer reaches 30%. And another alert is sent out at 80% to our ServiceDesk team in order to chase the owner of that ticket. Not sure if i've explained it well enough but we're very precious around SLAs and we would like to be made aware where and when SLAs are being breached. Regards Aykut
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