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Unable to map Summary and Description (and possibly others) in the IC

Sam P

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I have a published IC that is mapping Summary and Description (and some others) directly in a Customised Form, and these are mapping perfectly in the request, as Summary example here (override flags are present and working fine):



I have gone to create a new IC today and they aren't mapping - have I missed something?  They are mapping when using the Request Details form, however I would prefer to have Summary and Description included in my main customised form (also don't really want to have to map in the BP).  Can anyone help?  I have checked there are no erroneous spaces at the end of h_summary.




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In the background, I see that you have both the details form and a custom form with mapping in the same capture.  I just wanted to check that you have tested the custom form mapping in a capture flow that doesn't have the details form in it.  I believe that if the details form is in the capture flow it will supersede any mappings on a custom form.


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