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Request Details form - can the summary and description be shown in both the Details and the Form Details section of a request?


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When an analyst raises a new incident - our initial IC contains a default request details form.  They then add a customer and choose a service and a CI.

In the IC for the CI chosen, we have a customised form containing fields mapped to the h_summary and h_description - which are only shown if the form is completed via self service.

I noticed that when a request is raised by the analyst - the summary and description from the default request details form only shows in the Details section of the request and not in the Form details.

Is there a way to show Summary and Description in both the Details and Form Details section? 

This would help our analysts so they don't have to click in two separate places to see all the request details.






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I believe your "Form Details" is a translated version of "Questions"

The Standard fields of Summary and Description are in the Details section as these would generally apply to all Requests - Questions are additional information and will vary from Request to Request or even not exist at all.

You can, by mapping the Questions to Custom Fields, add those Questions within the Details section using the "Design" button.

Alternatively, if it's just about clicks, you can Pin either the Details, Form Details, or both open - either manually with the Pin icon, or via the System Settings.

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