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Email Routing Templates - rules


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I have been testing the email routing templates with one of our help desks that works predominantly from emails, Everything does what I have asked other than the moving folder and marking as read, when I use logOrUpdateRequest it moves the email and marks as read, logs the request but does not go to team I have set, alternatively when I use raiseNewRequest, it logs the call correctly, goes to the correct team and follows the right process but the email does not get marked as read and moved to my chosen folder? 


Very odd one as the information is all the same in the routing rule template, other than logOrUpdate not giving an option to use the template. Any ideas on why the email doesn't get moved on the RaiseNew operation please? I have triple checked the spelling of the folders, the regex is a simple toAddress = 'supportdeskemailaddress'

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Hi @Steve Giller


I did look at these whilst configuring the routing, the rule half works but just won't move the email to the Archived folder, I have other rules that do just updates to requests and these work fine also, the request gets logged successfully the customer is set same for summary and description just the email won't move



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I would suggest having a separate folder for Target Folder Failure - I suspect that you will find the email will be moved into that (something you can't tell if you use the Inbox as it would end up there anyway)

Having made that change, if the email ends up in the "Failed" folder it indicates that something in the Raise Request process has failed, which narrows down what needs investigating, e.g. the Service/Catalog/Assignment/Priority etc.

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@Steve Giller ahhhh a very good point, 

It has now gone into the Failure folder, the process does enforce a priority and team assignment, I would think if it was this it would have already logged the request etc before it hit these as a problem.

I have added decision nodes to the processes to check if team, priority is set but still failing, I am very much lost on this one as it doesn't fail in the process at all no obvious errors other than the email not being moved to the correct folder, would there be a log anywhere that would show why it see it as a failure? 

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