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Intelligent capture - Is it possible to hide an IC so it is only accessible via a link in an email?

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Hi, we have a new IC which we only wish to be visible to Line Managers when they are sent a link to it in an email.

It has a BPM associated with it.

Is there a way to hide the IC so it is only accessible by the Line Managers via the link in an email?

Do we still need to add it to the catalog to link the BPM?  If so how do we hide the IC?  

Currently we do not have any details in Hornbill to distinguish who is a Line Manager.


Just to add that the email containing the link to the IC will be sent from outside of Hornbill.

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I can't think of a way where that would be possible.

If I understand the requirement correctly - a Catalog Item that is visible to everyone, but only if they access it from an emailed link - there's nothing that would facilitate that.

It would, however, be possible to:

  1. Set up the Service/Catalog Item and restrict it to a specific Group.
  2. Replace the "email" with a specific Catalog Item, visible only to the people who would have sent the email.
  3. As part of that Business Process, add the specified User to the Group you have set up.
  4. Once the User is in the correct Group, contact them to inform them of the New CI that they can see and how/when to use it.


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Thanks for the suggestion. 

The form needs to be accessed only by the recipient of the email via a link in the email.  The email is not part of the BPM, it is the first part of an external to Hornbill process, so adding the users to a group via the BPM would not work.

I think we will most likely place the form somewhere that is not too obvious on the portal.

Would be good to have a visibility option on the portals so that a form can be made visible or not but still be active - perhaps this could be put forward as an enhancement.


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@Steve Giller- I was wondering if the portal visibility option of the Service in the Service Portfolio might be an option here?

Can a Service and the catalog items in that service be active but not visible in the portal?

I have found the following in the Wiki but don't quite understand all of it:

Portal Visibility
If the Service will be visible on the Employee, Customer and Service Portals for subscribed users.
Visible Subscribed users will see, and have access to their requests raised against the Service, even if they you have restricted their ability to raise tickets from the portals for this Service.
Hidden Subscribed users will not see the Service on the Customer or Service portal - Useful when defining a technical Service rather than a business Service.

Sorry I feel like I am having a blank here - but not been involved in the setup of the Service Portfolio much.

How would I restrict user's ability to raise tickets from the portal? 

Is that via their roles or via the catalog item settings for visibility?

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1 minute ago, Stefania Tarantino said:

Can a Service and the catalog items in that service be active but not visible in the portal?

Yes, but not in the way you're asking - if you have direct link to the Catalog Item this will open the CI in the Portal, so if it is not visible in the Portal it won't be visible via the link, either.

The only way I can think of for achieving what you need as described would be to have the external process raise a Request directly by using the Hornbill Web API. This can be done yourselves if you have the technical knowledge internally, otherwise you would need to engage with Expert Services to look into how this may be set up.

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