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can the system query against any documentation ?

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for a bit of context I am trying to find out if there is a way of having the system compare the Summary text against an uploaded knowledge data base and E-mail the user with some recommendations based on keywords in the Summary.  

while I know that users can currently check through documentation and FAQ's using the summary box I believe that it would be useful if they could be E-mailed the guidance for them to read while our service desk is working towards their call. 


Thanks in advance :)


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I'm not sure what the expectation is here?

If the customer can see the list of potentially relevant documents from the Summary field, they can simply open the matching one in their browser while/after raising the Request.
Adding the additional steps of selecting a Document to be emailed, switching to an email client, opening the email, downloading the attachment, and opening the attachment doesn't seem to bring additional value for me.

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