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A digest email possibility?


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We are intended to use the tool for Casework enquiries from Councillors to officers in the Local Authority.

The Councillor working group has asked for a DIGEST EMAIL feature; rather than being notified of each update on a ticket, to have one email a week with the latest status of each showing those which need review.

I don't think this exists at present? Maybe this is an enhancement suggestion.

Or has anyone managed to replicate this kind of feature using clever scheduled reports that spit out a different list of tickets per user or something?

Thanks for any insights or ideas or support of this idea.

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A report of open tickets for a specific Owner/Group of Owners including the Summary, possibly the Description (although this does not always present well in a report), the last updated date, and the current status/substatus should provide that.

If they want the email to include a précis of all updates for all Requests I can't imagine a practical way to do this.

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@Steve Giller I think the blocker here would be the "Owner/Group of Owners". What we'd need is each of the 60 Councillors receiving their own bespoke report (their own tickets) and I don't think there's a way to write one report for that with a variable of the Customer that sends a different result to each person? I would need 60 reports and to retire/copy each time a Councillor joined/left?

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