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Urgent - Mail Import Failure Across all Mailboxes

Ben Maddams

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Yesterday we started to experience failing importing any mail across our account mailboxes into HB. So far we've confirmed the authorisation account is working, we can log onto the mailbox in 0365 and
confirmed the mails are present. The account is not locked or subject to MFA. Our environment has not gone through any network/account changes so we're at a loss at why this is not longer functioning. When testing the mail connector, we receive the following.


Has there been any changes we should be aware of that might has caused this to stop? Our change calendar for yesterday was completely empty so no modifications have
been made to either HB or our M365 tenant.


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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the swift reply, it is very much appreciated! 

We noticed the outgoing mail can still be sent out without any modifications, I'm assuming we don't need to adjust the Outbound Smart Host config if it continues to work as intended?

Many thanks,



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