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Can't deactivate a BPM

Gareth Watkins

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Good afternoon.

Doing some housekeeping and deactivating BPMs that are no longer in use on our system.

One of them has just thrown up the error message below, indicting the goto element value to be 0 when it should be 1. 

Due to this the process can't be moved from active status to deactivated. Any ideas how I can rectify this?


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@Gareth Watkins ,

Just to clarify as you are trying to de-activate please try:-

1. Open the process in the editor.
2. Then "publish" the draft. This will de-activate current version and create new active version (with valid schema).
3. in the same publishing propertysheet you can then "De-activate" the version you just created.

 Unfortunately you will need to do this 1 time per active workflow you want to de-activate. We updated the schema validation to be more precise so older workflows that have unstructured schemas will throw these validation errors.


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Hi Neil


Thanks for the advice, that worked however I have a, possibly, related issue with trying to validate and publish a new workflow. 

I get the error below and, after trying the above, doesn't seem to get the process validated or published.


Any ideas?


Workflow schema validation error: The value in element did not meet the required input pattern constraints. at location '/definition/stage/flow/node/flowcode/resultReference'

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Hi Gareth,

You have a hornbill automation node (flowcode) in process where the result reference property is not set properly, might have space or special characters in it and should be at least 2 characters and shouldn't start with a number.

I will try replicate and can then put in a client side warning to indicate affected node.


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