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Good morning,

I know we can switch Service in the BPM, but is it possible to do this manually after a request has been logged? Sometimes there's a need to pass requests over to a different Service and we'd like to achieve this without having to give extra permissions.

Many thanks,

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Hi Alisha,

There isn't a way to manually selected a new Service for a request.  The challenge with just changing the service is that there are a number of things that are tied to the service which may become problematic.  Things like the Service Levels, or the information captured for the request when being raised my not be the correct information required for the other service.

You may be able to use a Custom Button long with an Auto Task to achieve this, while at the same time control who has the ability to do this.  The challenge can be that Custom Buttons don't allow for input, but you can be creative on your Auto Task to look at information in the request to determine which service to change it to using decision nodes.

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