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Organisations Admin (Platform Role) does not do what I expect; i.e. Assigned Users cannot even see Orgs...


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I removed an Agent from the "Admin" permission yesterday and he came back to me and said he could no longer see users, roles or organisations in the left-hand menu. He WAS in the "Organisations Admin" Role which states it is "This role grants the rights to add, edit and delete organisations." and it is a Platform level Role.

So, it appears to not be doing what it should be doing...?

This is all he sees even though he's in "Organisations Admin"



He's service desk and ideally I need him to be able to edit organisations and USERS but without having to give him "Admin" on the Platform.


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Yes indeed, @Steve Giller, He sees Contacts and Organisations from that list but this is only the external organisations and contacts. You're going to say this is working as designed and the "Organisations Admin" doesn't actually give permissions to what I would call Organisations...

The mission is to allow Service Desk people to be able to add and remove people from our Organisation Groups without giving them Service Desk Admin to do it.

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I know the product is not very helpful here as it seems to have the same naming for internal and external groups, so let's call external groups "Organisations" and internal groups "Companies".  So what you are looking for is roles/rights to allow a user (one of your analysts) to manage (other) user membership for Companies, right? If so there is no dedicated system role for this but I think a custom role can be created with the following rights:


I think the "User" and "Group" rights are required, at least "Manage" ones... Create/Delete can be added if the user should also be allowed to perform these actions on users and groups/companies.

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