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Resolving a linked request where the linked request is already resolved / closed

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I just wanted to understand the behaviour around resolving a linked request that is already resolved / closed.

We have a request which was linked to another as the parent. However the linked request had already been resolved so when offered the resolve linked request when resolving the main request a blank box came up - is this expected behaviour of the system in this scenario or should it note that the linked request is already resolved and not offer the option to resolve the (already resolved) linked request? It is not a scenario that I do not expect will happen very often, but I just wanted to understand if this is correct and the system would still offer the 'Resolve linked request' option irrespective of the status of the linked request?

Many thanks !



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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Yes, this is expected but it looks like the Resolve Requests dialog box is missing some text to say that there are no linked requests that need to be resolved.  

You should find that if you now try to close the request, you should see the resolved request in the list and you should be able to close that linked request along with the parent.

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