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Additional Regional Laungage - swedish

Dave Longley

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22 minutes ago, Dave Longley said:

Can you look at adding in another additional language?

@Dave Longley what exactly do you mean by "adding in another additional language"? Only functionality I can think of is translations and you can add the Swedish translation in Platform Configuration:


Switch the drop-down to "unsupported" to have locate Swedish, enable it and it will then be displayed as "supported" and can make translations in this language in user app...

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@Dave LongleyFirst start by following Victor's advice above.

Employee portal translations/texts can if needed be handled in https://live.hornbill.com/{instance}/admin/platform/customize/employee-portal/ we used translations to handle local contact information etc. not ideal but it worked OK.

As for the internal stuff. What we did was ask our staff to check and report any mistranslations found. I then made an SQL script to run in database direct.

SELECT * FROM h_sys_app_strings where h_value like '%[CHANGEME]%' and h_lang = 'sv'

Change the [CHANGEME] to the string that is wrong (case sensitive) and if needed the 'sv' to whatever language code you are looking for (codes use ISO 639-1 Language Codes). The script will show application and usage of string, you can then change it manually using the GUI in the respective application.

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